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2013-03-22Articulaction Art Review: Artist-Statements by Emily PŁtter and Michael Neil; Interview with Emily PŁtter and Michael Neil
2013-01-30Spree IV: Winter Licht. Fourth in the series "The Making of a Painting" by Emily PŁtter. 'Winter Licht' is the subject theme in winter light, ice bound and glistening.".
2012-11-17Emily PŁtter - Portrait of an Artist. Emily PŁtter, an artist living in Berlin, talks about her life and a project called "Billy, the Bomb".
2012-10-11Moroccan Murals. Track 3 'Essaouira' from the album 'Moroccan Murals' with paintings from the album sleeve by Emily PŁtter.
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